Ryan grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma as a musician. He spread into the scenes in Tulsa and Norman, Oklahoma and eventually departed for studies in Audio Engineering. Ryan received his education in Seattle, Washington at Shoreline Community College. The program covered subjects ranging from Music Theory, Broadcasting, Film Production, Studio Recording, Live Sound, and Music Composition. In Seattle, Ryan was able to get involved in many independent projects in film and music. From there he was offered with opportunities to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he was welcomed by many artists and film makers to collaborate with. He since then has recorded and/or mixed over 15 albums, worked on over 10 different films, and has been on 2 tours in his 4 year residence.  He has worked with such names as Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Song Sparrow Research, Lava Children, Panda Resistance, Miles Ralston, Chris Long, Charles Elmore, Sean Egan, Jack Roberts, Sterlin Harjo, Jeremy Berg, John Portanova and many more. This website has a purpose to help grow that list and expand creative avenues for anyone who has a passion for such things.


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